The Power of Face-to-Face Communication in the Virtual Age

by Ryan Scanlon - March 15, 2023

As the modern workplace evolves, many teams are becoming more geographically dispersed, and virtual meetings are becoming increasingly common. While this approach has its benefits, like greater flexibility and efficiency, it also has its drawbacks.

In-person communication can be much more powerful and effective, and it is often worth the extra effort to meet face-to-face whenever possible. There's just that sense of trust you don't get through the phone or a virtual meeting. Check these stats if my first few words weren't enough.

Networking statistics that'll knock your socks off

1. Eighty-five percent of jobs are filled through networking (Apollo Technical).

2. 72% of people say their impressions are impacted by how someone appears and their handshake (Techjury). Ben Franklin said, "The handshake of the host affects the taste of the roast."

3. 41% of networkers want to network more frequently but don’t have enough time (Apollo Technical).

4. 95% of professionals agree that face-to-face connections are key for successful long-term business relationships. (Zippia).

5. Over half of entrepreneurs say they use LinkedIn regularly (Zippia).

Face-to-face communication

In the modern age of virtual communication, the importance of face-to-face communication in business cannot be overstated. While virtual meetings have become a more frequent and convenient option, there is no substitute for in-person communication when it comes to building trust, establishing rapport, and making meaningful connections.

Face-to-face meetings allow for more nuanced communication, as body language and facial expressions play a crucial role in conveying emotion and meaning. Additionally, in-person meetings provide a platform for building stronger, long-term relationships that can be essential for business growth and success. Whether you're networking, conducting interviews, or closing a deal, face-to-face communication remains an indispensable tool for achieving success in today's business world.

6. In a Forbes study, 97% of people agreed that small groups of less than 10 participants was the most productive form of communication. They also said that in face-to-face meetings, our brains process the continual cascade of nonverbal cues that we use as the basis for building trust and professional intimacy.

7. 84% of people still prefer in person meetings. Credibility and positivity are much more readily perceivable. (Great Business Schools)

8. In 2022, nearly 70% of scientists said that digital conferences lack good networking opportunities (Nature).

9. For every dollar companies invest in travel, they receive $12.50 in value (Finances Online).

10. 41% of people want to network more, but don't have the time.  (Apollo Technical).

Is there still hope for business in-person?

Despite the rise of virtual communication in recent years, there is still hope that face-to-face communication will remain a vital component of honest and trustworthy business practices. In-person communication offers numerous benefits that cannot be fully replicated through virtual means, including the ability to convey emotion, build rapport, and establish trust.

By prioritizing face-to-face meetings whenever possible, businesses can create more meaningful connections with their clients, customers, and partners, ultimately leading to greater success and growth. While virtual communication will undoubtedly continue to play an important role in modern business, there is no substitute for the power and effectiveness of face-to-face communication.

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