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Appeal to your local audience with original website designs you won't see anywhere else. I design websites that captivate potential customers. Ditch the generic templates for a truly bespoke experience.

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I make custom landscaping websites and do SEO to capture local leads

I specialize in building websites & doing SEO for hardworking landscapers and lawn care professionals. I have a track-record of success building websites that speak directly to potential customers (you're here, aren't you?). For the folks that understand the importance of getting their company looking fresh and modern online, I'm here for you.

Q&A Landscaping: A Case Study
Case Study
Q&A Landscaping
I combined powers with Q&A Landscaping at the very beginning of Organically. The owner came to me with a basic website that he had drummed up a few years back. It didn't have much traction beside branded search engine traffic due to his great reputation. I was tasked with 2 objectives: design a killer website, and get organic traffic to it.

Most landscapers think they can get by without a truly effective site. Although he had poor experiences with marketing agencies prior, the owner of Q&A understood the importance of SEO and trusted me to deliver.
Website Design
A Complete Website Redesign
To achieve our first deliverable, I got to work with researching competitors and looking into what top-of-the-line landscaping and lawn care companies were doing. Earlier in my web design career, I did not have a robust planning phase relative to the size of this project. As a result, this took a month or two to get the barebones idea down and present it to my client.
He was thrilled with my ability to display his best landscaping work within a responsive, interactive interface. After a few tweaks, we nailed down this homepage design and implemented a console-like experience for individual service pages.
Having such a wide range of services, this website warranted plenty of service-specific pages (and thorough keyword research for each) to draw traffic.
SEO Progress
SEO Dominance
Before the website redesign, Q&A Landscaping had around 22 monthly web visitors during their peak seasons in spring and fall. Before our release in Spring 2023, nearly 100% of Q&A's traffic originated from direct searches of their brand name. But, I was hired to funnel search engine traffic to his pages for OTHER keywords like "patio installation near me."
So I entered the lab during his quiet winter months and did extensive keyword research. We needed to (1) develop content that contained researched keywords. Said keywords were identified by me to have relevant monthly volume. And (2) do the accompanying outreach required to generate links to his site.
And boy did we. I landed backlinks from Yahoo Life, Bob Vila, USA Today, & Homes & Gardens to name a few. These are the necessary links, or positive signals we needed to give Google to help our pages rank higher.
Tangible Results are fun
After a little over 1 year, our SEO & website efforts are beginning to compound. We're now averaging around 250 monthly organic visitors and just passed 400 organic clicks in a 28 day span (April 2024).
This figure represents site-wide organic traffic to Q&A. From 22 to ~250 monthly visits and skyrocketing (11x increase). And it's only the beginning.
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